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FAQs Cinepolis Cinema Rental

Promotional Questions

Does this promo apply at all Cinépolis locations?

Currently the Cinema Rental promo is valid at all Cinépolis locations that have been operating.

Questions About Film Material

What movies can I watch at Cinépolis Cinema Rental?

Movies that can be watched are those that are currently showing in Cinépolis. For a list of currently showing films, please check the following link.

Can I bring my own film material?

Yes, you can bring your own film material, as long as it is your original work. Please bring the file along with a laptop that can be connected to HDMI.

If I carry the files on USB, will my movies/videos be played?

Visitors are required to bring their own laptop, because we only provide HDMI cables.

I have an original Hollywood movie DVD/BluRay (not pirated). Can I play it in Cinépolis?

Please consult our team by filling in the order form for more details.

I have subscribed to the official OTT / online streaming service in Indonesia. Can I install it on my laptop and watch it in Cinépolis?

Can I watch live streaming, for example football matches?

Please consult our team by filling in the order form for more details.

Can I watch old films that have previously been shown in Cinépolis?

Yes, we can play back some of the old movies that are still available on location. Please coordinate with our team at the location for the list of films.

Questions About Game Material

If I want to play games, is the game console provided by Cinépolis?

No, we only provide HDMI cable. Please bring a game console that can be connected with HDMI.

What game consoles can be played at Cinépolis?

We can connect cinema screens to any game console that has an HDMI connection. For example PC, Laptop, Switch, PlayStation, XBox, and so on.

If my game requires internet connection, can Cinépolis provide wi-fi?

No, the internet network must be provided by the visitor himself.

Questions About Health Regulations / Protocols

Is it okay to bring food and drinks from outside?

Visitors are prohibited from bringing food and drinks from outside.

Does Cinépolis sell food and drink in theaters?

Yes, we sell food and drinks for take away. However, for now, we have not allowed the consumption of food and drinks in cinemas, according to the health protocol from the government.

Can I rent for less than 15 people?

You can rent for less than 25 people, but still pay the lowest price applicable.

 I want to rent more than 2 hours, can I increase the session duration?

You can't, because 2 hours is the maximum duration that has been set by the health protocol from the government.

Can I sit next to each other without distance?

We oblige  spectators to remain seated at a distance and not move, according to health protocols from the government.

How are health protocols implemented in the studio?

We ensure that all health protocols in theaters are strictly enforced. These include checking visitors' body temperatures, implementing social distancing and the distance between seats, requiring visitors to wear masks while in the studio, and disinfecting the studio before and after each rental.

What if the audience doesn't follow health protocols?

Our officers will carry out regular checks every 30 minutes - once an hour into the studio to ensure the audience does not violate the applicable health protocols. Officers will always try to remind the audience to keep wearing masks in the studio and not to move seats. We do not tolerate any violation of health protocols.

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